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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Giving Living Easter Gifts

The House Rabbit Society wanted me to remind everyone NOT to buy bunnies and other pets for gifts at Easter. I couldn't agree more so I would like to share a poem I wrote about the subject.

Mr. M. Paul Sivv was thinking one fine day,
“It’s Springtime now, so Easter’s on the way.
I should go and buy some gifts for Betty, Bill and Joe.
Some chicks, some bunnies, and a duck are perfect; this I know.”

So off he went to Pets For Less,
a pet store that was quite a mess.
Amazement struck him when he saw,
pastel colored ducklings (which is against the law).

The pet store dyed them purple, pink and blue.
He bought a pink one, and a purple one too.
Then he spied the bunny cage.
How cute they looked at this young age.
He bought a dozen; then he said,
“I forgot the chicks, where is my head?”

The baby chickens were crammed in a pen.
Each one was guaranteed to be a hen.
Mr. Sivv bought 12 that date.
He thought of fresh eggs on everyone’s plate.

When he had paid and left the store,
he carted the gifts to each friend’s door.
He felt so good to have given a gift,
to his three friends for a holiday lift.

But soon Betty called him
and told him as she cried,
“My pastel ducklings...both of them died.
I took them to my vet; and this is what he said,
‘That nasty pastel poison is what made your ducklings dead!’”

 It wasn't one month later, when Bill was on the phone.
“I can’t keep these bunnies!” he said in an angry tone.
“They eat and eat and eat and eat, and when they’re finally done,
the mess they make is far too much for a cleaning crew of one!

Four months passed when Joe did call.
“Those dozen hens you got me,
are ROOSTERS, one and all!
City Zoning’s at my door;
they aren't very glad.
My neighbors are complaining,
those roosters made them mad.
They crow each morning, noon and night.
They’re mean and cranky, and they fight.
I cannot keep them, and that’s a fact.
You have to come and take them all back.”

Mr. Sivv was extremely sad.
He didn't mean to do anything bad.
He learned his lesson a very hard way:
to give living Easter gifts is NOT OK.

It is far better to talk things out;
and to ask some questions when in doubt.
Any one of his "gifts" would have made a fine pet;
but research and preparation are necessary, you can bet.

So if you plan to buy a chick, duck or bunny,
remember Mr. M. Paul Sivv,
BEFORE you spend your money!

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