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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dog Dumped At Industrial Complex

Dear Marie,
Last summer, a man in a silver van drove into the back of the industrial complex where I work and dumped a young dog. He quickly drove off leaving the dog standing there helpless. I wasn't sure what I was seeing when it first happened, so I wasn't quick enough to realize that I should have gotten his license plate number and his description. I guess I was just too shocked at what I was looking at. The dog was totally freaked out and when I tried to go out and get him, he ran away. But he continued to hang around the complex. I don’t think he really knew how to get out - it’s a little bit like a maze in here.

Anyway, most everyone who saw him started leaving out food bowls and water bowls because they felt so sorry for him. He still won’t trust anyone enough to get close to him, but he seems to like to stay near to where the people are. I guess he’s just waiting for a little extra food. Anyway, long story short, last week, he showed up limping. He’s not putting any weight on one of his front paws and he needs attention. I’m willing to pay for whatever he needs but I just can’t catch him. Do you have any suggestions?

Dear Pat,
Sometimes human beings can be so inhumane in their treatment of animals. It is unfortunate that you were not able to get descriptive information about the vehicle that was used in this crime and the person who dumped this poor dog. What you witnessed was in fact a real crime under California’s Penal Code, punishable by jail time and a fine. However I certainly understand how something like this momentarily delayed your reaction time in processing what was really happening. I am sure you were indeed shocked.

No one may ever abandon a domestic animal for any reason. If an animal can’t be kept for the duration of its life, an owner is responsible for finding it a new home or relinquishing ownership to an animal shelter.

You should contact the animal control authority that has jurisdiction in the city where you work. Often, if one explains that there is an injured dog that comes and goes regularly in a particular location, they can either set up patrols to try and capture the dog, or they can set a trap.

Once they have successfully confined the animal, they can transport it to a veterinarian and/or the animal shelter for care. If you are interested in adopting it, you should let the officers know so that they can complete paperwork advising animal shelter staff that there is a party interested in providing the dog a permanent home.

There will be adoption fees associated with this action, but they include a license, vaccinations, neutering, and an initial veterinary exam at the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association member veterinarian of your choice. All in all, it is a very good deal and you can leave the capture and initial care of the abandoned dog up to the experts.

This is a much better plan than trying to capture the dog on your own. Injured, frightened dogs will almost always try to  bite. If you don’t know how to handle a situation like this, you can be seriously injured yourself. Even if you rent a trap, weekly fees can get quite expensive and if you don’t set it properly, you’ll lose valuable time in your effort to get the dog its needed veterinary care.

A dog that has experienced emotional trauma associated with abandonment and living alone for an extended period will need a lot of socialization, patience and love. Nevertheless, in time it will learn how to trust and love a human being again. You are a wonderful person for caring about this poor creature and I commend you for your compassion.

Best wishes.

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