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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Van Tran & Jim Silva help to defeat SB 250 - BOOOOO!

Please look at the vote below on SB 250 - the bill that would have mandated spaying and neutering of intact pets that routinely roam at large (it would not affect anyone who responsibly maintained an intact animal), thus decreasing rampant pet overpopulation and euthanasia of pets in shelters at tax-payers expense. If your representative voted "no," please let him/her know how disappointed you are and how it will affect YOUR voting decisions in the future. If your representative voted "yes," please call or write to him/her and express your thanks. If your representative did not is definitely time to question his/her commitment to representing you.
If you don't know who represents you at our state capital, go to this link and type in your zip-code:
The spay/neuter bill was voted down today. It is very sad. This was not a partisan would have saved the state hundreds of thousands of dollars, and even millions over time, and would have prevented the destruction of millions of pets that are irresponsibly brought into this world. How anyone in good conscience could have voted against this bill is beyond me.
I am especially disappointed with my representatives, Van Tran (who is now running for a congressional seat) and Jim Silva. My entire family called both their offices on numerous occasions, as well as wrote letters about this issue. They did not reply to any of us and they both voted "no." They either, (A) - never read the bill and fully understood it, (B) - just listened to special interest groups (out-of-state breeders, etc.) who lied about their residency and what the bill would do, or (C)- just vote on issues in general based on whether they think they are a Republican or Democrat type measure (and had they taken the time to fully understand the bill, they would have recognized it was non-partisan and it would have helped with our serious budget shortfall). Regardless of which category they fall into, they clearly do not represent their constituency and should therefore not be trusted to represent anyone on any issue.

AUTHOR: Florez
TOPIC: Dogs and cats: spaying and neutering.
DATE: 08/31/2010
MOTION: SB 250 Florez Senate Third Reading By BLUMENFIELD
(AYES 28. NOES 40.) (FAIL)

Ammiano Arambula Bass Beall
Blumenfield Brownley Davis De Leon
Eng Feuer Fong Fuentes
Furutani Gatto Hall Hayashi
Hernandez Hill Huffman Jones
Lieu Bonnie Lowenthal Nava Portantino
Ruskin Solorio Torlakson John A. Perez

Adams Anderson Bill Berryhill Tom Berryhill
Block Buchanan Caballero Charles Calderon
Chesbro Conway Coto DeVore
Evans Fletcher Fuller Gaines
Galgiani Garrick Gilmore Hagman
Harkey Huber Jeffries Knight
Logue Miller Nestande Niello
Nielsen Norby V. Manuel Perez Salas
Silva Smyth Swanson Torres
Torrico Tran Villines Yamada

Bradford Carter Cook De La Torre
Ma Mendoza Monning Saldana
Skinner Audra Strickland Vacancy Vacancy

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